Money Coaching

Increase your consciousness around money

Rosemary Hugh is a certified coach who works with clients to increase their consciousness around money.

A new year = a new look at your financial self care

The New Year is a great time to revisit your finances. Are there old automatic payments you need to cancel? Is there a car loan or mortgage that could be refinanced to save you money each month? Do you have a will? Have you talked to your parents about their will and estate planning? Maybe you need to visit a website like or to make sure your salary is on par with market rates. Or maybe you are tired of winter and need some sun, but you can barely muster the energy or money to find your way to somewhere warm. 

If the thought of looking at your finances shuts you down, ask for help. Call a friend or sibling or mention it to your personal trainer or therapist. Just by saying it out loud to another person, you make it real. You can even give that person permission to follow up with you about it.

Take some kind of action, and see what you learn about yourself from it. Maybe you thrive on structure. Maybe you are driven into action after sharing with another person because integrity drives your actions.

The New Year is an opportunity to poke your head above the clouds of day-to-day life and find ways to take better care of yourself. The dividends will pay off in the form of more energy because you'll have one less "should" nagging away at you.