Money Coaching

Increase your consciousness around money

Rosemary Hugh is a certified coach who works with clients to increase their consciousness around money.

You...Only Better

Coaching is based on the idea that we are already whole and resourceful. You are my ideal client if you know that you don't need fixing, but you are open to discovering insights and taking actions outside your comfort zone. 

Connect from Anywhere

I coach over the phone, whether by Skype, FaceTime, or other means. We meet in a virtual space where I hold your agenda.

While it is important to guard against distractions, meeting virtually means that our work is less impacted by schedule disruptions and there is no commute time required. We can also take full advantage of email, instant message, and social media to keep the thread of our work alive between sessions. 

Sessions last 30-60 minutes.



Sometimes understanding is the bonus prize. 

In working together, you may find you have moved beyond old behaviors before understanding why those behaviors existed in the first place.

First comes the willingness to experiment with new behaviors. 

This willingness is often triggered by a crisis or seemingly negative event.